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We would love to post some pictures of our customer's layouts, showing how our turnouts are being used. Installation photos are especially welcome! Please send photos to the webmaster.

We have set up pages for Dick Iannacone's and Ed Stead's layouts. They include both pictures and video.

Rob Berridge shot some video of a mixed (scale and Hirail) train going through a TTT #6 turnout. He sent the following note with the video:

"Here are 3 movie shots of a train made up of a J1(2-10-4), a scale wheeled flat car behind the tender, a flat car with American Models Hi-Rail wheels,a stock Lionel Flyer Hopper car, an American Models Hi -Rail Timken Hopper car, and 2-- I1sa (2-10-0's) pushing going through your #6 turnout. All 3 locos are scale wheeled."

Click on the links to watch: Video1 Video2 Video3

Thanks Rob!

Allen Evans has posted a YouTube video of scale operation through some TTT turnouts, using both S Helper service (code 110 RP-25 wheels) and American Models scale wheels. Click here to watch the video.

Here's another video, just posted by Allen. This is again YouTube, and includes a discussion of original and current Tom's Turnouts.

Thanks, Allen!


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