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We offer turnouts in several frog numbers. The smaller the frog number, the sharper the turn. Small frog numbers mean more track in a given area. Real railroads use very gradual turnouts (very large frog numbers). Of course, real railroads have very big tables, so for model railroads some compromise is required. But for realistic appearance, the largest frog number that will fit your space is a worthwhile goal when designing your layout. This is a picture comparing four common frog number turnouts. Notice that there is a much more gentle angle with the #8. With a #4, the tracks will be separated by 1", 4 inches from the frog point. On a #6, it takes 6" to get a 1" separation, the #8, 8".

Turnouts come pre-gapped, so are DCC ready!

This shows detail of the of the gaps and wiring under the frog.

This is the same frog pictured from above.

This diagram shows the wiring to use a STDP switch for power routing. Click the image to view full size.


This is the smallest frog number we manufacture. Frog numbers smaller than #4 require a closed frog turnout.

This is the template for the #4 turnout. Check the template page for printable templates of all of our turnouts. The #4 is available in .148" rail in either brass or nickel silver, or in S Helper Service 155# nickel silver.



This is a #6 turnout. Finally, a prototypical open frog turnout that not only lets you operate Flyer and Hi-rail, but also allows your scale equipment to perform reliably as well. All in the same train, all at the same time without modification! I believe this is a first for S gauge.

Closeup of the frog on a #6. The open frog design is all metal, so there is no stalling no matter how slow you are running. To prevent wheels from dropping into the gap before the frog, an insert has been added. The insert also keeps Flyer pickup shoes from dropping in at slow speeds.

This is a diagram of suggested yard layouts using #6 turnouts. Click to enlarge.

Another diagran showing different track spacing.




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